Compression Booster
Compression Booster

Special Cases:
If your vehicle has low pickup, vibration, excessive oil consumption, starting problem, lack of torque, high emission etc. then Armorol Nano Lube may not give you results as expected. Nano Lube only improves the performance of an engine but is not formulated to restore compression. To improve the power in worn out engines there is another product called Armorol Compression Booster. As the name suggests Compression Booster enhances the compression of the engine. It can improve the performance of some new engines also (with poor torque in low RPM) with very thin oil leading to loss of compression and blow-by.
Compression Booster should be used only with Armorol Nano Ultra Lube. While using Compression Booster for the first time it is better to replace the oil filter after 1,500 km or when the engine shows symptoms of oil starvation, whichever is earlier. The recommended dose of Compression Booster for cars and motorcycles is 100 ml. More quantity can be added if engine has severe performance problem
or oil burning issue.

Vehicle Type & Compression Booster Quantity
Two Wheelers -100 ml
Three Wheelers -100 ml
Four Wheelers – 100 ml
Heavy Vehicles – 100 ml