Redefining Engine Performance

Nanotechnology is a new technological revolution in the 21st century. It has revolutionized lubrication engineering and is creating results beyond what is currently possible. A product derived from Aerospace Lubrication System based on nanotechnology is now transforming the automotive sector in India and setting new benchmarks in performance and engine efficiency. Introducing Armorol Nano Ultra Lube, the engine oil additive working wonders with 50 nm nanoparticles.

Revitalizing All Engines

Armorol Nano Ultra Lube is a lubricant additive for automobiles of all types and ages. This ultra concentrated lubricant is a special formulation of oleophilic (oil loving) nanoparticles with spherical shape and size of 50 nm (nanometers).

Nano Lube is not a replacement for lubricant. It is added along with lubricant to reduce friction, improve performance, enhance smoothness, prevent heating of lubricant (which is the basic cause of many problems), increase mileage, improve load handling, stop noise and vibration, solve engine jerking, reduce oil consumption and prolong service interval.

If you are devoted towards the proper upkeep of your vehicle then Armorol Nano Lube is for you. The additive ensures enjoyable driving, brings peace of mind and saves you money. The virtues of this product must be experienced to believe. Nano Lube is especially beneficial for vehicle owners who extensively use them, like auto rickshaw and taxi drivers.

Apart from automobiles, Armorol Nano Lube finds application with several other machineries where friction between metal parts is undesirable.

Nano Ultra Lube
Nano Ultra Lube

It all began in 2012. Firoz Musthafa, an IT engineer and automotive enthusiast in Kerala, started getting maintenance problems with two of his vehicles despite using high quality commercial lubricants. Being an inquisitive person who wanted to know what was going wrong with the engines he started testing various types and brands of lubricants one by one, then disassembled the engines and studied the extent of wear.

After prolonged trials he realized that conventional lubricants, no matter how expensive, were inadequate to provide satisfactory protection for engines under all driving conditions. His love for vehicles prompted him to take up the experimentations seriously, spending his hard-earned money in the process. He tried numerous prospective solutions like lean-burn technology, water and steam injection, engine modifications for improving combustion etc.

Firoz persisted even after facing continuous failures. But the eureka moment came in 2014 when he chanced upon the potential of nanotechnology. Soon he bought highly expensive raw materials and started experimenting an additive for engine oil. After much hard work he invented a formula that performed so well that wear was not measurable even after driving for extended drain intervals. Then he realized that he had made a breakthrough in lubrication engineering!

Experimentation still went on for improving the product. Finally the product became ready for testing. Firoz gave the first sample to a taxi driver who usually drives at least 20,000 km per month. His positive response gave the inventor confidence to give the product to his friends, family, relatives and acquaintances for testing. The overwhelming feedback received from users made Firoz think about commercially manufacturing the product. Armorol, a unique and ultimate lubrication solution, thus came into the public realm.